Verity “Vee” White

One half of the Mighty BeeVees
Standing for Bex and Verity or Backing and Vocalists

Copyright Neil Harvey

Much to the dismay of her parents, when Verity was little, if they took her anywhere she would sing and dance and generally make sure she was the centre of attention. Nothing really has changed.

She has performed in comedy plays for BBC radio and podcast sitcoms for In Ear Entertainment and is a solo stand up comedian, recently featuring at Cheltenham Comedy Festival. Verity is also a singer/songwriter of original music and also performs in a number of local cover bands as well as being one of the Mighty BeeVees for the Joliet Blues Band. She is also one of the Directors and running compere of ARTournament Festival in Gloucester.

One of her favourite jokes (that is printable, her stand up routines are not for the faint-hearted): People say your pets are like you, which makes me wonder why my cats are fat, loud and really annoying.

On that note, Vee won the family ‘most annoying member award’ at last year’s Christmas Dinner…