Iain “Shakin Blues Harp” Barton

Harmonica and Vocals

Copyright Neil Harvey

Iain’s love of acting and singing stems from childhood performances in the Scouts Gang Show. Since the age of nine he has been involved in a variety of performance work in Gloucestershire theatres and during his studies at the University of Gloucestershire he appeared as Curly in ‘Oklahoma’ and Riff in ‘West Side Story’ at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham.

His experience also includes film and television production and presenting work in this country and abroad. More recently he has toured, and continues to tour, extensively with ‘The Jerry Lee Lewis Story’ and ‘Talbot House’ and partners a magic tractor with ‘Little Grey Fergie’

Iain is the provider at rehearsals as he normally turns up with a variety of goodies to eat. If he don’t… we go hungryyy. Bow bow bow bow…