Joe “The Lips” Griffiths

Tenor Saxophone and Horn Section leader

Copyright Luca Mannoni

Despite growing up surrounded by instruments (his mum is a music teacher) Joe managed to resist the temptation until he was about 13 when jazz/blues switched something on in his head! He took up the sax and learnt how to blow jazz and blues.

Joe has played for many bands over the years, including playing for Prince Charles in the grounds of Highgrove House, playing in various bands at Alton Towers for a couple of years, including a big band. He also plays in a jazz trio around Gloucestershire “The Jazz Badgers”

Joe is the Horn Section leader for the Joliet Blues Band – which means we leave it to him to do all the hard horn arrangements! He is also an ace at web stuff, which is very useful.

Joe’s favourite drink is always the next one…

An interesting fact about him is that he can slam a revolving door.