Chads “Lord Chadlington” Bradbury


Copyright Neil Harvey

‘Lord Chadlington’ brings a width of musical experience to the band. Performing with bands, choirs and behind the mixing desk for more years than he cares to admit to, he finally realised that the only place to be is behind the ivories (well actually, plastics) of a tribute to the greatest blues band ever put together.

His early life was dominated by music in various forms. His piano teacher handily lived next door and social life was provided predominantly by his local church choir giving a grounding in (albeit archaic) harmonic structure. His school provided an excellent grounding in the more technical side of theatre and he spent many evenings either in the lighting box or orchestra pit. The relative lack of H&S legislation meant that he was allowed to rig lighting from a scaffold 20ft above floor level, an experience which led to a few years of climbing various cliffs, and on one occasion a 100ft chimney (most of the way, until Uni Security woke up…)

Currently, Chads (the shortened form is generally acceptable, except in excruciatingly polite company) works on keys with the Joliet Blues Band, Mundo Pequeno and Jiboom and is in high demand for his engineering skills for recording and live shows. Visit his website here.