Bex “Bee” Southgate

One half of the Mighty BeeVees
Standing for Bex and Verity or Backing and Vocalists

Copyright Neil Harvey

Bex has been performing since the age of 15 when she joined her step-dad’s jazz band. Since then she has sung in many bands, including at the 100 club on Oxford St in London where Jim Bowen was in the audience to see her! As an actor Bex has also appeared in many theatre productions.

She is currently the lead singer of a Latin jazz quartet, see for details, and a Blondie tribute show. She has been singing with the Joliet Blues Band as half of the Mighty BeeVees for a couple of years.

Her favourite pastime is playing the ukulele and she has recently started performing solo gigs with just her voice and uke; she absolutely adores Greek food; her favourite musician is Jaco Pastorious and her favourite thing is her lurcher!

When Bex was a kid she used to collect window envelopes but now she just recycles them…